Oct 13, 2015

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Applebees Gluten Free Menu Items

With celiac disease increasing, it can be deemed as a boring and meticulous task to revamp one’s whole taste buds to now just have foods which are gluten free. You start to go through lists and lists of recipes and foods that you have been accustomed to eating for decades to only find that this has gluten which of course is an allergen for those who suffer with celiac disease.

Let’s face it, living in a world that advertises and constantly displays various restaurants and dining experiences, needing to inquire or always change your food can allow it to be very difficult to partake on social gatherings. It turns your natural instinct to simply eat to satiate your hunger into a world of research, having various inquiries and asking, hence taking away from your overall dining experience. Good thing that across the planet, various eateries are noticing just how significant it’s to include items on their menu that are gluten free. Not interested in eating or simply for people with celiac’s disorder gluten now have more great opportunities to eat out with family and buddies not having to forgo alternatives or their meal. What is one restaurant that is just about everywhere? The Area Grille. In case you have not done so already, you should look into and try Applebees Gluten Free menu items. I found that it is possible to pull up Applebees Gluten Free foods on the internet or on your smart phone, when I took a second to do a little research. In this way you know what your choices are ahead of this and time will make it things a little simpler as it pertains to eating out. Take a look at some of Applebees gluten free food menu items:

– Chips and salsa

– Salsa Verde pulled pork or brisket nachos

Meals and Sides:
– Rib basket with honey barbeque or smoky chipotle

– Ribeye
– Bourbon street chicken and shrimp
– Fiesta lime chicken

– Blackened tilapia

– sweet potato french fries
– French fries
– house processors
– broiled shrimp
– baked or mashed potatoes

My Favorite Applebees Gluten Free Menu Options

My absolute favorite Applebees gluten free menu items would contain the chips and salsa as an appetizer while I go. The salsa is very flavorful and has a great texture with the fresh vegetables. The processors just possess the correct amount of crispiness and freshness to them. Every now and again, I go for sweet potato fries or only an order. Especially, if I know my main dish WOn’t have only when I’m in the mood for switching things up or fries. Then for my chief entrA(c)e, I go for the Fiesta Lime Chicken. There’s an abundance of numerous flavors when it comes to this meal. The chicken is grilled to an ultimate perfection and topped with cheese and the right quantity of lime juice on top. This is only one of my favorite Applebees gluten free menu items. Try some of Applebees gluten free dishes as it pertains to eating out.

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